Customized software solutions

We develop for our customers tailored IT, communications and surveillance solutions. In the rail and vehicular environment, the IT devices are exposed to much harsher conditions than in typical office environments. The devices must often withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dirt or corrosive materials as well as immunity to EMI / RFI interference from motors and other machines have. In this section you will find a selection of Black Box IT solutions that are specifically designed for use in harsh rail and vehicle environment. If you are interested in a customized solution, please let us know.

INNOtec system offers complete services and product solutions that help our customers to be successful. We show you how to optimize your operations, increase productivity, reduce costs or to increase profits with today's communications technology.

Regardless of the status of your work out today's communications technology, the product experts of INNOtec Systems with a lot of experience have the right solution for you. They guide you through the complex challenges in the transition from traditional maintenance towards a unified data acquisition of your vehicles under operating conditions.

INNOtec Systems helps to introduce new technologies and maintain.

Whether you want to migrate to fully automatic measuring systems for remote maintenance or customer-specific data transfer or software adaptation - INNOtec Systems offers complete communication solutions including service, product delivery, maintenance, training and free telephone support - tailored to your needs.

Greater flexibility and mobility of IT infrastructure support your technical personnel involved in maintenance and infrastructure in the efficient use of their time, the daily tasks and communications requirements.